Doctor Who Meets The Office in Hilarious New Web Series, Dalek Gary [VIDEO]

Imagine a single-camera comedy series, filmed in a documentary-style like The Office, Parks and Recreation, and Modern Family, but with a Doctor Who Dalek as the main character. Sounds absurd, right? It is, but it’s also the basic idea behind a great new six-part unofficial parody series called Dalek Gary.

The series following the (mis)adventures of a Dalek named Gary who has been stranded in California and must attempt to assimilate into normal human culture. Gary is considered “differently abled” and garners the attention of a British film crew making a documentary about illegal aliens in America.

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Dalek Gary comes to us from Kill9TV, the geek-comedy geniuses behind Boomer’s Day Off and The Real Sims, and is co-written by Kill9TV founder Michelle Osorio and actor/writer Ben Paddon. Other than a screen-accurate new series Dalek, co-stars include Brian Firenzi (5-Second Films, “The Law” in Video Game High School, Dude Bro Party Massacre 3), Jason Horton (The Annoying Orange, Totally Sketch & Tosh.0), SMBC Theater’s John-Paul Nickel and James Ashby, Adam Murray (Adult Swim), Ben Dunn (Boomer’s Day Off, NerdTerns), and Tim Cross (./shutdown), with narration by Maria del Carmen (5-Second Films, Brian & Maria).

The series was funded via a successful Kickstarter campaign last year and rather than stagger their releases, Kill9TV chose to follow the Netflix model and released all six episodes simultaneously late last week. Each episode is around 5-6 minutes long and showcase Gary going through such travails as acquiring an office job at a call center, dating, making friends, and eventually coming to terms with his new home.

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Dalek Gary is well-produced, with a professional feel throughout; some of the acting is less than stellar, but it’s not enough to pull you out of the story. The big question is whether or not it’s funny, and I’m happy to report that it’s not just funny — it’s hilarious. The comedy is a little uneven (the Dungeons & Dragons episode is a bit of a stinker), but when the jokes hit, they sail out of the park. I found myself laughing out loud more than once during each and every episode.

You can find all six episodes plus six behind-the-scenes/blooper episodes at the Kill9TV YouTube page. To make it easy for you, though, I’m embedding the first episode below:

What do you think? Will you be adding Dalek Gary to your YouTube playlist? Sound off in the comments below!