Bronn and Jaqen H’ghar back for Season 6, new young actor cast in mystery role


Season 6 of Game of Thrones won’t air for a good long while, but the casting news is already beginning to trickle in (expect some big announcements at next week’s San Diego Comic Con). First, here’s some news you probably could have guessed: according to the curriculum vitaes of Jerome Flynn (Bronn) and Tom Wlaschiha (Jaqen H’ghar), both actors will be featured in Game of Thrones Season 6.

This isn’t exactly a surprise, especially when it comes to Wlaschiha. The producers seem to have committed to making Jaqen H’ghar (or no one, as is his proper name) Arya’s mentor during her time in Braavos, even though the character didn’t feature in these sections in the books. It’s not exactly shocking to see that Bronn will return, either, even though the producers have already featured the character far more than George R.R. Martin did in his novels. If the show had followed the template set up by the books, Bronn wouldn’t have appeared in Season 5 at all, and it’s possible that he’ll only make a brief appearance in Season 6 before being shuffled offstage. Lord knows Bronn’s been eager to settle down with some rich wife in a castle for a while now.

Also of interest: according to a tweet from talent agency Mad Fish Management, an 18-year-old English actor named Sam Coleman has landed himself a part on Game of Thrones. The young Coleman doesn’t have many film or TV credits to his name yet—he’ll appear in Leatherface, a prequel to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, in 2016—but he must have impressed the producers with his talent if he snagged a role on the show.

As to who he’ll be playing, that’s also a mystery. He doesn’t seem to be the right age or have the right look to play any of the characters from the first set of casting rumors, but could fit one of the more generalized roles in the second set—might he be a member of the outlaw band we’ve been hearing about, or possibly one of the Maesters-in-training down at the Citadel? He could be Maester Kerwin, or perhaps Pate, of Feast for Crows fame. Only time and further leaks will tell.

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