Almería Season 6 filming locations confirmed


The Carboneras Town Council confirmed yesterday that one of the locations in Almería that Game of Thrones will use for filming Season 6 is the tower of Mesa Roldán.

According to local outlet, with Almería now confirmed as a filming location, the town councils are receiving outlines of what and where in the area the production has been given permission to film. These are technically closed door meetings, but with most municipalities eager to take advantage of the tourist dollars being a Game of Thrones filming location has been known to bring in, word travels fast. The tourism aspect is even mentioned in the press release:

“La elección de Carboneras como escenario de la sexta temporada de esta prestigiosa serie es sin duda una muy buena noticia para la localidad, además de ser un impulso importante a nivel turístico para el municipio.”

Which roughly translates to:

 “The choice of Carboneras as the setting for the sixth season of this prestigious series is certainly very good news for the town, as well as being a major tourism boost for the area.”

The article also lists the other areas of Almería confirmed for shooting, including the Alcazaba of Almería, the Tabernas Desert, the City of Sorbas, and El Chorrillo Sierra Alhamilla. We’ve pictured the Alcazaba before—it’s the Moorish style fort that dominates part of the city landscape.

The Tabernas Desert is one of the only semi-deserts to be found in Europe, and is a protected National Park. (It was also one of the reasons we speculated the show might be interested in filming there.)

Sorbas is an interesting one. An autonomous community in the province, the town is famous for its striking landscape and the white building high atop the cliffs, known as “The White Village.”

And finally, El Chorrillo Sierra Alhamilla is the area that was just used recently for filming the Christian Bale movie Exodus: Gods and Kings.

What could all these areas be for? The assumption—since we have no books to go off of—is that these are areas in Essos that Dany and her newly adopted Khalasar will be traveling to. (And yes, I am assuming she adopts them, and not the other way around.) But the truith is we have no earthly idea. At least, not until The Winds of Winter hits the shelves. So let’s start speculating!

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