Two New Filming Locations Confirmed in Spain for Season 6


The Spanish locations for Game of Thrones Season 6 just keep on coming. The latest news comes via a press release from CANAL+, the French premium cable channel which broadcasts in Spain as well. It was one of the go-to places last year for exclusive inside looks at Season 5 filming.

Some of the locations the press release confirms we already knew about thanks to local announcements, like the Alcazaba de Almería, or we assumed were a given, like the Natural Park of the Bardenas, which came as part of the announcement of casting in Navarre. But two of the locations were brand new: the Castillo de Santa Florentina and the Castillo de Zafra.

The Castillo de Santa Florentina is located just southwest of the city of Girona, on the Spanish coast. It’s a full on medieval castle on a old style country estate. Check out this video from their YouTube channel.

If you thought filming in the Alcazar of Sevilla was a big deal? THIS is a big deal. This castle dates back to Roman times, and was built when Spain was still a part of the Roman Empire, and the estate covers 49 acres. I have no idea what the castle is going to stand in for—the assumption we’ve had is that Spain is mostly standing in for Essos or Dorne. But whoever gets to film here is insanely lucky.

The Castillo de Zafra is located in Guadalajara, not far from the outskirts of Madrid. It’s another castle with a long and storied history dating back to the 12th century. It’s also a very striking piece of architecture.

Zafra Castle (Castillo de Zafra) is a 13th century fortress located in Guadalajara province, Spain.

I don’t know about anyone else, but when I first saw this, my mind immediately leaped to the Twoer of Joy. I mean, considering the dearth of flashbacks, and the lack of that kind of “History of Robert’s Rebellion” in the series for the last five seasons, it seems unlikely. But if some of those casting rumors are actually Arthur Dayne….I’m just saying…

But it’s probably just a really cool looking castle in Essos or Dorne.

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