Carice Van Houten: “Jon Snow Can’t Be Dead”


As the off season rolls along, the cast of Game of Thrones one by one confirm what team they are on when it comes to the Mystery of Schrödinger‘s Crow. Maisie Williams? Firmly in the “He’s Dead, there’s no hope” camp. Emilia Clarke has been more wishy-washy, “50/50 odds” camp.

Carice Van Houten is certain he’ll come back. She’s the first cast member to come down firmly in the “Jon Snow lives” side of the debate. According to The Sun, she made her position known at the London Film and Comic Con event this weekend.

“No, he can’t be dead. No!”

Unfortunately, when asked if she would be the one to bring him back, Thoros of Myr style, she didn’t give a straight answer. Instead she hedged:

“I’ve seen that on the internet; like I’ve seen stuff saying ‘we’ll forgive you if you save him’.”

I’m not sure I personally am quite ready to forgive the burning of Shireen if Melisandre saves Jon. I will admit it would probably go a long way with fans in general though. Van Houten admitted being hated for her role in the fall of House Baratheon has been difficult.

“I’ve never had so many death wishes in my life. It was so interesting to experience that. I mean, I knew it was coming — I thought, I’m not gonna get any more sympathy after this!”

Perhaps it’s self interest then when she tell us that Snow can’t be dead, in hopes her character might be the one to save him.

(But then again, it could also stem from knowledge. After all, we know from SDCC and Emilia Clarke that the Season 6 scripts are making their way to the cast.)

UPDATE: Carice van Houten tweeted us to clarify her remarks. Far be it for us to misquote a woman who commands the powers of light and dark. On TV.

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