Harington Hair Watch 2015: The Hair Heads to Spain

The good news for the Jon-Snow-lives crowd is that the hair (both the beard and the curls) remain intact.

The bad news is that they’re no longer in Ireland, suggesting that perhaps whatever Kit Harington was filming there has finished. (For now. Or forever.) Over the weekend, a fan spotted him in Spain.

Oddly enough, the area of Spain that Kit Harington is hanging out in is…Almería, which, as we know, is one of the multiple new locations that Game of Thrones will be filming come September and October.

Coincidence? I mean, probably. After all, Almería is a location that many places have used for filming. And his new project, Brimstone, has Spain listed as one of its locations. So it’s most likely that that’s why he’s there. Brimstone may also be why the promised shave and a haircut was forestalled—now that he’s presumably done filming his funeral scene, perhaps it’s forthcoming.. All Harington Hair Watches from here on out will be keeping that in mind.

But, don’t let that stop you from speculating wildly anyway.