Sights and Sounds from Staten Island’s Game of Thrones Night with George R.R. Martin


Yesterday evening, while most of us were wishing we were watching Game of Thrones on TV, some 7,500 fans at Richmond County Bank Stadium, home to the Staten Island Yankees, were watching Game of Thrones unfold live…in the strangest and yet most entertaining way possible. The Staten Island Yankees hosted Game of Thrones night, in honor of special guest George R.R. Martin. The Yankees, who wore House Stark uniforms complete with direwolf sigil, faced off against their opponents, the Hudson Valley Renegades, who were decked out in the crimson and gold of House Lannister, complete with the lion sigil.

As you might imagine, this turned out to be no ordinary baseball game, as many fans in attendance decided to dress up for the event…and by dress up I mean they went full cosplay. Here, we have Dany with a baby dragon and a refreshing beer. The Mother of Dragons enjoys a cool refreshing pint every now and again.

We also have a group of friends in various stages of cosplay. I think the person on the far right is supposed to be Khal Drogo…or maybe just a random Dothraki?

Here’s a look at the player’s uniforms for each team.

The extremely cool direwolf hats given out to the first 400 fans to the game are already on Ebay going for a pretty penny. To see many more images from the game, head over to SportsGrid.

Martin came out on the field with one of the wolves from the Westeros Pack, part of the Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary that the author and his wife financially support. According to Rolling Stone, the wolf decided that his moment in the spotlight would be the perfect opportunity to poop near third base. Martin, who is a Mets fan, grabbed a mic and took the field after the Staten Island Direwolves roared to a 10-1 lead.

"If they can only hold on for another couple innings, I won’t have to kill another Stark."

Oh George, you jovial psychopath, you. The author interacted with fans while he was there, and signed many books. And, as you can imagine, he was mobbed from the moment he showed his face.

I wonder what the over/under is on how many people asked George if Jon Snow was really dead.

All in all, the game appeared to be a smashing success, and served to bring baseball fans and Game of Thrones fan together in a really, really odd way. For example, when a player struck out, the crowd would yell, “SHAME SHAME SHAME.” Oh, to have been at that game.


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