Game of Thrones Beginning Prep In Girona


Last week, we got the first signs that Game of Thrones was arriving in Spain, with trailers pulling into Almería. Now fans are starting to spot pre-production activity around the city of Girona, the first of several Spanish locations the production will be filming in for Season 6.

(Translates roughly to: Already taking measurements in the Cathedral of #Girona supposedly in the context of the shooting of Game of Thrones #gameofthrones)

We still don’t know exactly what Girona will be standing in for. Some have speculated that it will be Oldtown, where Sam and Gilly were off to at the end of Season 5. The Jewish quarter in particular has that old world feel that cities like King’s Landing have established.

The Girona Cathedral, where the measurements are being taken, could also easily be turned into the Citadel.

Unfortunately, this is merely guesswork so far. For all we know, this may be a stand in for Essos. With reports that filming in Croatia is greatly reduced this season (and rumors that no paperwork has been filed for filming yet at all), it seems like Braavos, which last year was filmed partly in Croatia, with parts of Dubrovnik doubling for both it and King’s Landing, will get its own separate stand-in for Season 6. Girona, which has some parts that look similar to Dubrovnik’s Old City, could easily be making the transfer.

However, we can’t be sure what Girona is standing in for until the cast arrives and we see who is filming on location, and how the local extras are dressed.

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