Game of Thrones filming in Glenarm

Filming for Game of Thrones continues apace in Ireland. According to the Belfast Telegraph, cameras are currently set up in Glenarm, in County Antrim. Eyewitnesses are confirming this on Twitter.

The Telegraph reports that shooting is focused around the Antrim coast road.

Exactly what the production is filming here is unknown, BUT (And everyone loves a big but!) it should be taken into consideration that this is one of several locations we’ve seen where there is no particular destination involved. Game of Thrones has been known for its traveling characters, to the point where (as several parodies have made light of) it feels like there’s a road buddy comedy is happening in the middle of this costume drama. Think Tyrion and Bronn in “One and a Half Man” or Brienne and Jaime in “Throne Together.” One of the more striking aspects of last season was how the production cut down the road trip aspects of the show, or removed them all together. Instead of Brienne and Pod wandering around the Kings Road as they do in A Feast For Crows, by the third episode they had parked in Wintertown for the season. Even those who did go on road trips either had them reduced to a few scenes (like Jaime and Bronn going to Dorne) or skipped altogether (like Tormund and Jon Snow on the way to and from Hardhome.)

But we know this season will feature at least one road trip that should take several episodes—Daario and Jorah’s search for Dany. And considering that the terrain around where we last left our dragon princess looks remarkably like the terrain around the Antrim coast road, it’s a decent guess that they’re filming part of this road trip there.

Other characters who might be on the road? Well, Dany, of course, who is now traveling with her new Khalasar. Meanwhile, over in Westeros, there’s Brienne and Pod. Now that they’ve lost Sansa and left Wintertown, they could be back on their original journey from A Feast for Crows. And then there’re some of those other new Northern characters who may be on their way somewhere when we meet them. So there’re many possibilities, some of which we can’t begin to guess at. But one thing seem sure. After last season being a relatively stable one in terms of location, it looks like Game of Thrones is on the road again.

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