Here’s where and when the Game of Thrones crew will be filming in Girona, complete with pictures


With the first street closures beginning tomorrow in the city of Girona, the city council met Friday to inform residents of where the production will be and when over the full two weeks of shooting. The announcement that the production is changing filming locations completely from Dubrovnik and surrounding Croatian areas to Girona came late enough that most holiday makers and King’s Landing tourists probably won’t be able to change their plans, a bonus to the production, who in recent years has had to live with hundreds of tourists watching over live filming from high atop Dubrovnik’s city walls. But Girona is still anticipating a swarm of onlookers and visitors to the city next month, now that word has gotten out. This briefing was so that local shops would know where and when their business might be affected, as well as where the city would be tightening security in order to give the production as much privacy as possible.

For us, it’s an opportunity to check out some of the affected areas and see what Braavos and King’s Landing might look like next year. And for those of you nimble enough to change your vacations to this new King’s Landing, it’s a helpful guide of where to loiter.

Bishop Cartañà: From August 30 to September 7. This is adjacent to the area that is closed starting tomorrow, so it makes sense this is the first area being filmed.

The Steps of Sant Martí: From August 28 to September 1, and then again on September 6. This is one of those areas of the Jewish Quarter we keep featuring for the striking architecture.

Claveria Street: From August 30 to September 7. Deep dark alley ways with tight corners. I can totally see a blind Arya walking them.

L’Escola Pia Street: From 3 to 7 September. More narrow stone streets with built in steps. I’m assuming these are both Braavos, since what we’ve seen of King’s Landing wouldn’t match this.

Sant Llorenç Street: From 1 to 7 September. Actually, from the way this one is lit, it could be an indoor setting rather than an outdoor. It doesn’t look that far off from what I imagined the passages down to the catacombs under the Red Keep look like.

Ferran el Catòlic Street: From 24 August to 16 September. Part of the closures that begin tomorrow, I am assuming this area is more for staging than more filming, but I could be wrong.

Plaça dels Jurats: From 27 August to 14 September. This is one of the main city squares, and googling pictures of it brings up all sorts of local events, concerts and performances that are done here. The top is a shot from the interior of the main building looking out. The bottom is from the far end of the square looking back.

Steps of the Cathedral: From 11 to 16 September. What we once thought might be the Old Town Citadel is probably really our new Sept of Baelor, unless it’s meant for Braavos?

Manaies street: From 7 to 16 September. There’s no picture that comes up here, but the map suggests this might be more of a preparation area than a filming one?

The Steps of Sant Feliu: From 2 to 4 September and from 13 to 16 September. St Feliu is a medieval church around the corner from the Catherdral. A much smaller set of steps with a bridge right across the way, it seems more Braavosi to me than King’s Landing.

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