Game of Thrones Loads In to Girona and Almería


With closures starting in the area yesterday, it is not surprising we’ve got a rash of pictures of the crew and props and set pieces arriving in preparation for principle filming for Game of Thrones Season 6, which begins in just over a week.

Diari de Girona has loads of pictures in its gallery. (Forty-five, to be exact!) Here’s a couple of highlights from the areas in the Barri Vell that are currently being turned into Braavos and King’s Landing.

Most of the sets were originally built in the Ireland Studios, and they’re being brought to Spain in pieces.

Dressing up windows to look more… Braavosi? Or perhaps a jail?

I just love this shot.

This doesn’t look unlike the King’s Landing market we saw last season that was destroyed by the Sparrows. Perhaps the Braavosi version?

As I said, there are a TON more pictures at the link for everyone to check out.

I wonder what the boat is for? Since Braavos is filled with canals, it’s probably for that. (Either that or Gendry finally landed.)

There are also tweets noting the huge influx of tourists that arrived along with the production this week. Looks like any hope the show had of not having visitors following them to the new locations are probably dashed.

Catalonia Today also brings us a picture from the load in. They want to assure everyone that businesses that are being effected by the street closings are going to be compensated by the City Council, who are doing their best to disseminate all information, and will be holding weekly meetings as well, to further update everyone on the production’s progress.

Girona isn’t the only area of Spain seeing action. Out in the Sierra Alhamilla, in Almería, trucks continue to arrive and set pieces are slowly coming together. The official Juego de Tronos Canal+ Facebook page posted a few of those as well.

Mostly we just see work tents and shipping crates. There’s only one piece that looks like a large dwelling that’s currently a steel shell in the background.

A tent for the Dothraki, perhaps? It’s a bit too early to tell at this point, but that shouldn’t stop anyone from speculating!

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