Game of Thrones RUMORED SPOILERS: A Lady to Appear? (AND MORE)

Reportedly there is a massive spoiler leak that just happened from the Game of Thrones Season 6 set. IrishThrones, which has been a great source of information from Northern Ireland filming, just tweeted out a few minutes ago that they have received serious spoilery spoilers that spoil the spoil out spoilerville. Everyone, get your tin foil hats. This one is a doozy.


First off, according to their reports, yesterday there was major stuff filmed in Shane’s castle, which has been used both for the High Sparrow’s lair and for the Winterfell crypts.

But then comes today’s reports, which are going to perhaps knock your socks off.

You can take them off first if you want. We’ll wait.

Yes my friends, you read that right. Though we have seen nothing of Michelle Fairley filming this season, it’s time once again for the Lady Stoneheart train to pull into the station and have everyone hop aboard. Now, I want to emphasize, we don’t have proof of these rumors. Not as yet. But I’d also like to point out something that occurred to me the other day when our esteemed Dan Selcke started theorizing that Stoneheart’s return was in the cards this season, with all this northern focus. And that’s this: they could cast someone other than Fairley in the part. After all, though she was once Catelyn Stark, she’s disfigured enough that we don’t necessarily need the same face. And her throat has been sliced pretty bad, to the point where she can barely speak for herself, which would change whatever sounds her voice once made.

As for the army? Well that’s a horse of a different color. Before she was leading a band of outlaws, left over from the Brothers Without Banners. An army would be a major step up–and might finally make her a character that even Benioff and Weiss would take as “important.”

Then there’s THIS:

(We can forgive the misspelling. Dyslexic have day a.)

But I will admit, my first response was to laugh in shock. Partly because I have taken the alphabet math of R+L=J as gospel for so many years now that to see it highlighted as a HUGE SPOILER was just funny to me. But in the context of the show, this is the biggest spoiler there is. If the show is going as far as to spell out Jon Snow’s origins, then Jon Snow must matter beyond being yet another body in the 400+ and counting body tally of the last five seasons. And that might just be the confirmation we are all waiting on as to his fate at the beginning of next season.

After all, from Aerys’ line would come the Prince that was Promised. And with Melisandre on hand, and a fire to be reborn from, the Dragon’s second head might just be ready to rear up.