New Photos from the Set Going Up In Almería

With filming in Girona set to begin next week, and rumors of huge scenes still happening in Ireland, it’s easy to forget that production is busy loading into other parts of Spain as well. Almería may not be filming until October, making it the final location on the docket, but the sets have already shipped from Belfast and are steadily taking shape in an enclosed area of El Chorrillo Sierra Alhamilla.

According to Diario de Alemría, private security makes it difficult to get pictures any closer than these, since the production is working hard to keep whatever is being built under wraps. But that hasn’t stopped fans from getting pictures anyway.

This is the major set piece, but whereas before it was the only structure visibly being built, we can now see that smaller “huts” or “tents” are starting to spring up around it.

My first instinct when I saw these pieces going up earlier in the week was Dothraki tents, especially since we saw a couple of them hanging out outside the Belfast studios the other day.  But with the current look to the main tent, I’m a little less certain. Especially since the big tents for Dany’s old Khalasar looked like this:

And that large structure is starting to look like a building that doesn’t pack up and move nearly so well. Diario de Alemría suggests it could be a temple of some sort.

Almería has several locations that will be used for filming, including Carboneras, which will be filming October 18th-19th. We’re not sure which dates will be set aside for El Chorrillo Sierra Alhamilla, but the pace that the structure is going up suggests it could be one of the first places the show films, when they start up on October 10th.