Game of Thrones Spotted Filming in Ballintoy Harbor

Filming in Spain is only hours from getting off the ground, but that doesn’t mean the Irish unit is taking a holiday. Today, the production was spotted returning to a long awaited area, Ballintoy Harbor, which stands in for the Iron Islands.

There were even some locals who spotted the production tents from the road.

According to reports, the production today isn’t actually done in the Harbor itself, like we saw at the beginning of Season 2, but further up.

For a nice image of the “high ground” they mean, check out this fan’s photo from her visit to the area over the weekend.

The high ground next to the village makes sense if the rumors are true that they may in fact be adapting the Kingsmoot scenes from A Feast for Crows. Rumors are rife that the “Rugged pirate” character we’ve been hearing about on and off (and seems to have not yet been cast—sorry Ian McShane fans!) is Euron Greyjoy (the only sibling of Balon, according to the show’s version of the Greyjoy family tree.) Though, if they still haven’t cast the pirate, then it might not be that. (Not yet anyway.) We can only speculate what is is they are filming until we get a close up shot.

UPDATE: According to Irish Thrones, Game of Thrones wasn’t actually filming at Ballintoy Harbor today, but you can’t blame Greyjoy enthusiasts for jumping the gun a bit.

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