Pictures from Actual Filming for Season 6 in Ballintoy Harbour Today


Game of Thrones spotters in Ballintoy Harbour were very confused yesterday. Certainly we were. Reports of a huge production filming in the harbor were flying fast, the pink GoT signs were all pointing in the harbor’s direction, but when sources got up close, it looked like some shocking casting changes had happened. Since when is Brad Pitt on Game of Thrones?

He’s not. (Too American.) But such is the way with such a popular filming location. Apparently part of the reason Game of Thrones had been holding off on filming at the harbor is that Pitt’s latest movie, “The Lost City of Z, was scheduled to be there first. Awkward.

But never fear. The movie based on true events from 1925 has moved on to more Amazon-esque locations, and today Game of Thrones has moved on in.

And apparently they’re going to be filming in two locations—down in the harbor itself, as well as over by the famous Carrick-A-Rede rope bridge, which stands in for the rope bridges that link the castle towers on Pyke.

Here’s a pic an anonymous reader sent in from today’s filming. He says that when you got up close, there was a Greyjoy flag bearing the Kraken symbol. Interestingly, he was also told “Lily Allen’s brother” was down there filming, which is interesting, considering the last we saw of him, he and Sansa had leapt from Winterfell’s walls into the snow.

Irish Thrones has put together for us a video of the locations so that we can see where filming is taking place.

Locals are stunned by all the overlapping excitement.

What indeed?

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