Actor Robert Render cast in unspecified role for Game of Thrones Season 6

English actor Robert Render has been cast in an unspecified role on Game of Thrones Season 6. Render, who is most known for his role in the 2011 horror film The Last Light (he portrayed Rob Walker, a handyman in charge of boarding up a condemned elderly folks home being  destroyed by vandals), was congratulated by his agency, Premier Artists.

While we don’t know what role Mr. Render has been cast in, we can use some of the casting calls to speculate and narrow down how the actor might fit into Game of Thrones Season 6. In July, we told you about a reported casting call for a band of renegades, as well as for some random Northern Lords. Let’s start there.

Lachlan: Lachlan is the leader of a renegade band that is extorting poor, vulnerable citizens even though they’ve been charged with protecting the land where those citizens live. He appears in two episodes next year.

Flynn: This guy is part of an outlaw band, possibly part of Lachlan’s outlaw band. His group is using religion to justify extorting the citizenry. Like Lachlan, he’ll appears in two episodes.

Japeth: Here’s another member of an outlaw band. That Lachlan inspires loyalty, apparently. He’s a “rough-and-ready type” with a strong physical presence.

Robert Render is a rather large bloke, and has a bit of a rugged look to him. Flynn has already been cast, but Render could well play one of the other characters.

However, there’s another possibility we shouldn’t overlook: given the actor’s size and look, he could fit rather nicely into House Umber. The production was looking for someone who could “tower over other cast members” to play a “savage warrior” who is the “Lord of [a] Noble Northern House.” Render is 6’3”. Seems plausible.

Here’s yet another possibility (beware possible Season 6 spoilers). In A Feast for Crows, Balon Greyjoy’s brothers and daughter place their names forward for King/Queen of the Iron Islands at the Kingsmoot. It is here that Euron Greyjoy cements his claim to the Seastone Chair through a show of power. One of the ways he achieves this, is by ordering one of his men to blow on a dragon horn, which silences the gathered crowd.

The man’s name is Cragorn, and he is described as tall with a broad chest, which is tattooed with a bird of prey. He has a shaved head and rings of gold adorn his arms. Cragorn blows on the horn, called Dragonbinder, and silences the crowd, but dies in the process. On August 28, Render posted this to his Facebook page:

What scenes do we know are being filmed right now, roughly three days from Render’s Facebook announcement: the reported Kingsmoot on the Iron Islands. Could Robert Render be portraying an Ironborn? Better yet, given Render’s physical appearance, could he be portraying Cragorn? Shave his head and face, and Render would make a rather menacing pirate in the employ of Euron Greyjoy . For now, I’ll leave you with the actor’s showreel, while you speculate wildly.

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