Finn Jones: The End of Season 6 is “Very Shocking”

How much more shocking can Game of Thrones get? According to Finn Jones, *very.*

Not that he think this is somehow out of the norm. In the world of Game of Thrones, shock and awe is just par for the course, ever since Ned’s head came off his shoulders back in Season 1. Talking to The Express, he was pretty forthright about that: “Game of Thrones is always shocking, so it’s never going to stop shocking people.” 

Apparently his scripts, when he first read them, made him “very nervous,” though he won’t divulge why. He only said that, now that he’s in the thick of filming, those nerves are gone and he’s having a blast.

“There’s a transformation in Lora’s state and character and it’s fun to be able to go a little bit deeper and darker in the character. I’ve really enjoyed being able to go to those places.”

“The end of season six in particular is very shocking,” he said before going on to say that he couldn’t remember the scene he found most surprising from season five. “It’s so difficult to remember it because my head is so in season six, so I can’t even remember what happened in season five.”

For those who might need a refresher, in Season 5, Loras slept with a poorly chosen prostitute who betrayed him. He and his sister Margaery ended up down in the cells beneath the Sept of Baelor, where, as far as we know, they remain. Cersei, on the other hand, got to leave, as long as she lost everything from her hair to her dignity. But that’s not enough for Jones. He thinks Cersei needs to continue being punished. “[S]he deserves it. She needs to be taught a lesson.”

As for playing a gay character, he actually feels that homosexuality has been normalized to the point that, although Loras’ sexuality might be a big deal in Westeros, it’s not in the real world.

“We’ve become pretty accepting and tolerant of gay people. I just feel like it’s become normalised now in television. It’s not a big deal that I’m playing a gay character, it’s just an everyday thing.” 

If only Westeros would hurry up and get with the times.

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