New Areas of Girona Set Up for King’s Landing While The Crew Arrives

Filming begins tomorrow in Girona for Season 6, mostly for scenes in Braavos. With the first area completely finished and ready for shooting, the advanced production team is venturing into new areas of the city to turn them from 2015 Spain to 300 AC Westeros. And it looks like this new area is going to be King’s Landing.

Diari de Girona once again has a wealth of pictures. They also have word that one of the major scenes on the cathedral steps will involve a horse.They started practicing with the horse yesterday. The narrow and slippery staircase will make shooting the scene difficult, even though the paper reports that it won’t be filmed until the weekend of September 11th.

Here are a few highlights from the photo gallery:

The article says that these sections of the Ascent Santo Domingo and San Martin”have also been cut at the crosswalk and will be closed until September 6.”

Meanwhile, Devesa Park has been shut off for trailers for actors, plus production. This will be where the costume and makeup professionals are expected to work.

Check out the link for more.

While Diari de Girona focuses on the preparations in town, El Punt Avui was at the airport, catching pictures of the crew arrivals. No pictures of Maisie, or major A-listers, unfortunately. They also note that waves of tourists are arriving daily.

Fleets of buses were on hand to move the crew to Girona.

We’ll keep our eyes peeled for actor arrivals as they come.