First Pictures of Maisie Williams Filming In Girona

A couple of days ago, we saw video of Arya Stark’s stunt double performing feats of derring do in the name of assassin’s training with the House of Black and White. Now it is actress Maisie Williams’ turn to take a flying leap off a building.

We’ve known Maisie Williams was in Girona for the last few days, but all reports have suggested the production was taking extra care for photos of her in costume did not get out to the public. These are the first images we’ve seen of her in the city. The production did its best to hide the action from the cameras with cloth hangings. But after it was over, the figure coming down the steps was unmistakably Williams in a harness. Diari de Girona has the pictures in today’s image round up from filming.

It’s hard to tell at first that it’s her. For a moment I thought it might be the stunt double again.


But then it became clear from the series of pictures that she’s not doing the whole leap. The leap was the stunt double the other day. In this shoot, they’re just suspending her in the air, “mid leap” as it were, for the last few feet off the ground for close up shot purposes.


And she sticks the landing perfectly! That’s a combined 10.0 for Team House of Black and White at the Braavosi Olympics.



The entire Braavos community is very impressed.

As always, there are a ton more pictures at the link from today’s filming, including extras, sets, and tourists taking pictures of the same.

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