Spoilery Rumors About Margaery’s role in Game of Thrones Season 6


The big shocking spoilers from The Winds of Winter just keep coming out of the Game of Thrones Season 6 filming locations. Yesterday we heard rumors of a battle scene that confirms everything we suspected and yet tells us nothing of what will be happening in the North. Today we’ve got rumors about the upcoming filming in Girona for a scene in King’s Landing that would have blown my socks off, if I had been wearing any.

No, it’s not that Sam and Gilly are in town. We were expecting that. It’s about another character who we heard was in town, and is apparently going to be filming a major scene on the steps of the cathedral.

Ready? No really. Remove the socks, grab the tin foil and buckle up. Los Siete Reinos has a heck of a rumored spoiler below…


So remember that big scene we’ve heard about involving a horse going up and down the steps of a cathedral? That scene is rumored to be for Nikolaj Coster-Waldau. He’s the one on the horse, and the steps stand in for the steps of Baelor. Why is he riding up to the doors of the Sept? To confront the High Sparrow, of course. Apparently, those Tyrell troops we saw practicing formations are not anti-Lannister. They’re accompanying him. Together, they challenge the High Sparrow to release Margaery.

And from what LSR has learned, the High Sparrow gives her over without a fight.


Because he’s already won. See, according the rumor, Margaery *broke.* Unlike Cersei, who may have lied and faux confessed her way out of that prison, and walked through the streets naked to get home, but arrived there with a fire behind her eyes that said she regretted nothing and revenge would be hers, Margaery broke. She’s converted to the Faith of the Seven, and is now a religious devotee of the High Sparrow, utterly under his command.

But is it true? Or is Margaery playing her own game to get out? Clearly this is a scene that falls early in the season, since we’ve heard that after he leaves King’s Landing, Jaime is heading to the Riverlands. So there’s lots of time between her return to the palace for things to happen. Sources wouldn’t say either way.

Personally, I will be devastated if this news is true. Margaery’s up there with Tyrion and Dany for me in terms of favorite characters. It hurts my heart to even think she might just be a pawn for the High Sparrow.

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