Check out where Game of Thrones will be filming in Peñíscola come October


With Game of Thrones filming in Girona drawing to a climactic close this week, it’s time to turn our attention to the next locations on the Spanish filming docket. Shooting in Castell de Santa Florentina ended yesterday, though the building won’t reopen for several days yet. Next on the list after that is a four day stint in Navarra, a desert locale that we are expecting to see Dany and her Khalasar ride through. Then the Castillo de Zafra will stand in for the Tower of Joy at the end of the month. That takes us to the end of September.

On October 1st, the show begins filming in the city of Peñíscola. Unlike Navarra and the Castillo de Zafra, which are single location shoots, Peñíscola is going to be more like Girona, with multiple locations, street closings, and disruptions for the locals. Local outlet Todo Peñíscola posted today that the City Council announced where and when the show is expected to be in order for those affected to make arrangements. They are the new locations:

  • Portal Fosc September 30th-October 6th The Fosc gate is part of a the city walls that dates back to the 1500. The architecture is fascinating, and I can’t think what it’s standing in for, or where. Essos? Some place in Westeros we’ve never been?
  • Plaza de Armas October 1st-2nd With it’s gorgeous view of the sea, the parade grounds look like areas of King’s Landing, but could really be any coastal city in Westeros, including Oldtown or even Braavos. They’re only filming here for two days, so it’s probably only for one scene.
  • Plaza de Santa María October 3-6th This area is part of the Medieval wall that once surrounded the city. According to Todo Peñíscola, the production is expected to film a large scene here. This place looks like it could be part of Girona, to be honest, so it could stand in for anything from King’s Landing to Braavos to Oldtown.

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