Pics and Video: Cast Says Farewell to Girona, Crew Begins Set up in Peñíscola

With filming over in Girona, last night was a flurry of cast activity as they packed up and headed off to their next filming locations. But before they went there was one last dinner with everyone in the cast who was on location.

Everyone is smiles now, but apparently the last day of filming didn’t go entirely smoothly. There are reports that Natalie Dormer was quite displeased that she was called down to film in full costume, and then didn’t actually do any work due either to time management or a miscommunication. As we saw yesterday, most of what they were filming included extras and crowd shots, though Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and Roger Ashton-Griffiths apparently also got a lot of horseback time as well. We’ve got a video from Chantal Galleana with a montage of pictures from yesterday.

(You can’t see Ashton-Griffiths’ face, but he’s the shorter one on the horse with the big feather plume.)

From the same channel, check out this video of Coster-Waldau and Ashton-Griffiths having a conversation…

…and one of a group of Tyrell soldiers marching through the city.

She also grabbed a pic with John Bradley and Hannah Murray.

And, ever the gentleman, Coster-Waldau tweeted out to all the fans in Girona his thanks on behalf of the cast for the use of their city.

Meanwhile, the crew will get no rest. According to Levante El Mercantil Valenciano, load in as already begun in the Plaza de Santa María in Peñíscola.

Though not many trucks have arrived as yet, this area of the city is expected to film the largest scene, so it’s not surprising that they’re already beginning set up with only two weeks before filming is scheduled to begin.

Anyway, farewell to Girona. By and large, it looks like the city met the production’s needs, so we’ll see if they return there in the future. Here’s a quick video of sparrows, peasants, crew members, and executive producer David Benioff filing out.

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