RUMOR: Production Continues on Large-Scale Season 6 Battle Featuring YouKnowWho


With Game of Thrones Season 6 filming taking a breather as the production shuts down in Girona before heading to Navarra next week, rumors are swirling that the Northern Ireland-based filming units (which have been working steadily this entire time) are back in Saintfield for filming. The last time the production was in Saintfield, it was reportedly filming a big battle scene that involved wildlings, Umbers, Boltons, and a certain Jon Snow who shall remain nameless. According to fan tweets, the telltale pink signs are up once again all over the area. (And for those who might say they are leftovers, that’s not how it works. The production makes sure to take the signs down immediately after shooting is done.)

Horses and extras? That sounds like it might be another battle scene. The rumors are flying.

And of course, the Hairwatchers are on high alert

So is this a second battle? Or is this more filming for the battle that we already heard about last week? There aren’t any photos (yet), so it’s hard to be certain. Reports say that the area where the production is shooting is conveniently surrounded by large, tall thick hedges, making photography difficult. Twitter user Troy Towsley did kingly provide this overshot of the area, though, and it’s easy to imagine it full of horses and extras and bloodshed. Now if only someone could get past the production’s defenses to get a clearer view…

On Reddit, people who claim to have friends among the extras say they know how the battle plays out, but their claims should be taken while wearing tinfoil suits and with several mines worth of salt. They include (but are not limited to):

The battle scene in the North. Boltons vs northern allies (Karstarks & Umbers), sellswords, wildlings and A STARK is killed in a very shocking battle.

Well they can’t kill Jon Snow much more than they already have, Bran’s in a tree, and Arya’s in Braavos and Sansa is AWOL. So if any more Starks are taken out, the only possible candidate is poor Rickon. Let’s hope for the littlest Stark’s sake that these claims are false. Also, if the Karstarks side with anyone, it would probably be the Boltons, given that’s what they do in the books, yet another reason to treat this particular rumor with caution.

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