Rumors of a Stark Return Rise in the Smoke from Saintfield Battle Scene

The filming of a large-scale battle continues to rage in Ireland, as work continues of Game of Thrones Season 6. It might seem somehow excessive to consider that the filming in this privately held swath of County Down is all for one large battle scene, but remember, filming the scene at Hardhome last year took weeks, with both the director and Harington saying that due to the CGI heavy nature of the experience, they only got about a minute of usable footage a day. So it’s very possible this is one climatic battle that’s just taking a long time to film.

Either way, since fans can’t get close, the few pictures they’ve snapped cloud the picture more than they clear it.

And where there’s smoke, there are spoilery rumors. Some of which sound believable. And some would sound like wish fulfillment…if we hadn’t already heard rumors that corroborate them.

Are you ready? You sure you want them? The maybe could be spoilers are below. Grab your saltshakers, and hold on to your tin foil hats everyone! Let’s ride in to RumorTown.

———————-SPOILER LINE——————–

In a reply to this tweet:

The twitter account above says that this battle they are filming is between “The Boltons” and “The Wildings.” Now that makes a kind of sense, and corresponds to things we’ve heard before. After all, at some point someone, somewhere needs to take out the Boltons. And if a certain Stark has risen from the dead, and (as we saw in pictures) was in receipt of the infamous “Pink letter,” his first move would be to ride south with the wildlings and take back Winterfell. (In fact, for those who never read the books, the tipping point for the Night’s Watch to bring down Jon Snow is that he learns from the pink letter that Ramsey Bolton has his sister—in that case it’s “Fake Arya” not Sansa, but since by the time he learns about either, both have long since escaped, that’s neither here nor there. The upshot is that he wants to take a host south to save her, which is the last straw for those who think he’s out of control.) If this rumor is true that this big battle they are filming is Boltons vs Wildlings, it sounds like the show will find a way to retrack to that plot line.

BUT! (And everyone loves a big but!) There’s another, more freaky rumor going around as well. Some seem to suggest it’s in relation to this battle, and some are just saying it’s a thing that will happen. The first word of it came from Reddit, as we heard that “A Stark is killed in a very shocking battle.” This same report says this battle is also Boltons vs Wildlings, but goes on to say the Wildlings are allied with the Karstarks, and the Umbers, plus the remaining sellswords from Stannis’ army.

And Irish Thrones reports that there is another possibility for that Stark who is killed in the “very shocking battle.” It’s not one from the younger generation. In fact, it is none other than the Stark those murdering Night’s Watchmen promised poor Jon information about.

Could it be BenJen who dies in the”very shocking battle?” Does that mean that the Northern host are taking on the Boltons, and then the white walker host, led by the Night’s King shows up, with BenJen? What “vengeance” could they be having? On the Boltons for how the treated Sansa? On the Night’s Watch for killign Jon? (Seriously, if I rose from the dead, I’d be all about vengeance on the Night’s Watch. Also note that the Northern side doesn’t mention Night’s Watch as being part of their alliance.) Or maybe on the white walkers for all those they have killed and turned into wights?

What can it all mean?! It doesn’t sound like we’ll know until the smoke clears…