Emilia Clarke Rides Again In Navarra—Season 6 pics (SPOILERS!)

We’ve got new shots today of filming in the Bardenas Reales, as the production moves to the area of the park known as la Balsa de las Cortinas.

Noticias De Navarra notes that, unlike yesterday, where there were lots of horse riding over great plains, today’s filming is all about camps along the edge of the river. The publication also notes that locals are following every rumor they can, and although the town doesn’t have the same level of tourist attention that Girona did, the area is still very excited by all the activity for the show, as evidenced by the huge picture plastered across the local newspaper of hordes of Dothraki extras being bused out to the filming site.

Roughly translated, the caption on this tumblr post reads: “Important shooting day in #lasbardenas the headquarters in Valtierra there are hundreds of cars #gameofthrones battle ??”


Well perhaps not quite a battle, but a hell of a riding scene. Our next picture, which is definitely a spoiler of sorts, features Emilia Clarke, who plays Daenerys Targaryen, Mother of Dragons, Breaker of Chains, Poster of Instagram. Those who don’t want to know the inevitable outcome of two plot lines that we left hanging off the side of a cliff at the end of Season 5, avert your eyes.

Or feast them. Whichever is your fancy.

The good news here is that Dario and Jorah’s road trip will end in success—clearly Daenerys has been found. But from the looks of her outfit, her hair and her horse, “rescue” is not really warranted, as much as “falling into formation,” and “trying to keep up” will be.

The bad news here is that Iain Glen is nowhere to be seen. Only Huisman is riding at Clarke’s side. Where is Ser Jorah? Did he not make it? Did the greyscale infection take him? Is he just banned to riding at the back? (Or even worse, to walking?) Diario de Navarra, which first posted this picture, gives no sign of having seen him in their report.

Nor do we see him in these other pictures, from Demotix.com, and posted on Caballero del Arbol Sonriente.

Here’s the water side encampment for today’s filming:

And a nice shot of a Dothraki tent set:

Check out their site for all the images.

Well, even if her faithful Ser Jorah doesn’t make it to find her with Daario, we do know that Clarke has someone to keep her company at night.