Season 6 Spoilers: Lannisters Camping Out By Riverrun


Yesterday, we got the first pictures of a castle going up by the river in Corbet, a castle that looked suspiciously like Riverrun. Today, we’ve discovered that, seemingly overnight, a bunch of tents found themselves encamped around the set. (Also, lots of sheep. But I figure they’re just local color.)

Now, if you’re saying to yourself that those look like Lannister red tents, then good job. Because they certainly are. This only strengthens our certainty here at WiC that this castle set is in fact Riverrun, and that, unlike many parts of this coming season, this is a plot that will stick to the books, and Jaime Lannister (who it is heavily rumored will be heading to the Riverlands, partly just to get away from the madness in King’s Landing) will be heading to the Tully ancestral home next year.

Irish Thrones claims this area will be used extensively come the next week or two, and that there will be a large scene filled with horses.

All these clues point to Jaime heading out to deal with a plot thread the show has left dangling since the Red Wedding. As we all know, with the exception of Edmure and maybe the Blackfish, the Tullys and the Starks who went to the Frey Celebration all perished. But what happened after that?


In the books, Ser Brynden Tully (known as Brynden the Blackfish), who was left behind at Riverrun during the wedding, locks the place down. (You may remember him as Catelyn Stark’s cranky Uncle who was not so kind to Edmure in Season 3.) So even though Tywin gives Riverrun to the Freys as a reward for ridding him of Robb Stark, the Freys haven’t actually taken control of it. Instead, they’ve been unsuccessfully waging a siege this whole time, trying to starve the Blackfish and his family into submission, and regularly threatening to hang Edmure.

Now, in A Feast For Crows, Jaime’s Dornish adventure never happened. Instead, he goes north to break that siege. Last year, we figured that the producers were replacing this plot with his trip to Dorne, but from the looks of things, it’s merely been delayed. If these pictures are what they seem, then come Season 6, Jaime and his Lannister forces are heading to meet the Blackfish.

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