Castillo de Zafra Proves Hard to Penetrate For Fans

One of the mostly highly anticipated scenes for Game of Thrones Season 6, the flashback to the events at the Tower of Joy toward the end of Robert’s Rebellion, has been filming since yesterday. Sadly, it looks as if the production chose a very secure location. There are reports coming in from frustrated reporters and fans who try to get close only to discover the roads closed and the area nearly impossible to traverse.

(Translation: “Impossible to see anything on the set of #JuegoDeTronos in Zafra Castle #Guadalajara. All roads closed.”)

(Translation: “Game of Thrones landed at Castle Zafra (Guadalajara). Impossible to reach the scene of the battle.”)

Local outlet Guadalajara Diario is reporting an odd rumor—that the scene will include 300 extras, which feels like it’s getting this locale confused with one of the other areas planned for filming, one that has a high extra count. It also reported on “large amounts of horses,” which I assume are the 14 we learned of yesterday.

Either way, we won’t be able to find out if Guadalajara Diario is right until someone gets up close with a telescoping lens, or flies a drone overhead.

Despite the inability for anyone to see anything, the area is hoping for a major tourism boost. This poster has been floating around for the last few days, advertising the Castillo de Zafra with the Game of Thrones logo.

There have already been a spate of fans arriving in the area, some of whom made their own fun upon learning they couldn’t see anything by holding a serious cosplay gathering.

And acting out their own battles.

Never let it be said the Game of Thrones fan set aren’t a creative bunch.