Check out more pics of the Riverrun set—also, Peñíscola becomes Meereen


Pics continue to stream in from various Game of Thrones filming locations. We’ve already had looks at what’s happening at the Castillo de Zafra (Tower of Joy) and in Peñíscola (Meereen, maybe Braavos), plus rumblings of what’s going down in Saintfield (the North). And that was just from this morning! Now, let’s visit County Down in Northern Ireland, where the production continues to build the sets for Riverrun and the Lannister encampment outside.

Technically, there still hasn’t been any confirmation that this area will, in fact, be standing in for Riverrun. On the other hand: come on, now. The above shot gives us our best look yet at the trout sigil set above the entrance, which definitely screams “Tullys of Riverrun.”

Here’s a nice shot of the Lannister tents being set up outside the castle. The blood-red of the tents contrasts nicely with the blue screens on either side of the castle, although the screens will not, of course, be there in the final product. Expect the show to replace them with rivers or more castle. I also wonder about those smaller, tanner tents closer to the shores of the river. Did the Lannisters run out of red material?

To see more pics, head on over to Belfast Live.

Meanwhile, yet more pics are coming in from Peñíscola. According to Dragons and Direwolves, the production is building some kind of walkway in Artillery Park, a photogenic area of the city with plenty of palm trees. There’s probably some Meereenese garden this could stand for, although Dragons and Direwolves suggests that it also looks like areas in Dorne. That’s intriguing, as we haven’t heard much about Dorne this pre-season.

Finally, feast your eyes on these shots…of clothes! Costumes, to be specific.

The costumes on the right look like they’re meant to be worm by Meereenese noblemen. It’s all those pastel colors—the nobility of Meereen look like human Easter eggs. The yellow robes, on the other hand, could be for people from Yunkai, “the Yellow City.”

I’m less sure about the outfits on the left. They look more varied. It was suggested earlier today that Peñíscola may stand in for Braavos as well as Meereen, so maybe they’re meant for Braavosi extras. This tweet from a gentleman in the city lends more evidence to the Peñíscola-as-Braavos theory.

I’m assuming he meant Arya’s hair. For more images, head to Dragons and Direwolves.

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