Game of Thrones’ Almería Filming Schedule Takes Shape

With filming in Peñíscola about to get underway, only one more location in Spain is left on the schedule. Filming in Almería is scheduled to begin at the end of next week, on October 10th, and run through the 23rd. The length of time the show has booked here is only rivaled by the length of time it stayed in Girona. All the other stops have involved a week or less of actual filming. (Though the closure of Castell de Santa Florentina was nearly as long, but that was because they had to include set-up in the schedule.)

The show has been prepping in Almería since before they even landed in Girona, slowly building Dothraki-like encampments out in the El Chorrillo Sierra Alhamilla area. That set looks to be about finished now, which is a good, since it’s first up on the filming list for the area.

According to La Voz De Almería, filming in El Chorrillo Sierra Alhamilla will run from October 10th-14th.

Other areas that were confirmed by the City Council included the very interesting looking the tower of Mesa Roldán. Filming there is expected to go for two days, from Oct 18-19th. confirms the dates after that will be spent in the Alcazaba of Almería, which is closed for filming on October 20th and 21st.

There are two other filming locations that have been confirmed: The Tabernas Desert and Sorbas. Closure dates for filming in those locations have not been announced as of yet. But we can guess they will probably slot between October 15th-17th and October 22nd-23rd.