Game of Thrones’ Wolf Unit In Peñíscola (UPDATE: Varys, Missandei, and Tyrion in the area)


As filming at the Tower of Joy and the Castillo de Zafra ends, Game of Thrones is preparing to begin filming in Peñíscola, the fifth Spanish location on the docket for this year. Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve watched as Peñíscola has slowly morphed into Meereen. The fan who goes by Dragons and Direwolves has also arrived in the area and has been documenting the experience.

This is one of the areas that was added late to the cut off list. As expected, it’s not for filming, but for prep work.

The longer it’s gone on, the more this setup has looked like the inside of a city defending its walls from invaders. Perhaps, unlike the books, where those outside were attacking because they knew Dany was inside, the show will change it up so that they attack because they know Dany (and therefore her dragons) have left, and are therefore no longer able to protect the city.

But in case you thought fans would have an easy time of it and send us a plethora of pictures over the next week, HBO has other ideas.

Even so, as with the video at the Tower of Joy, we know that a little security never stopped fans before, and probably won’t now.

I really love this panorama. It’s a wonderful 360-degree set for the show to film on, like the one they used during the Battle of Castle Black in Season 4.

The Targaryen Banners may be flying, but will Emilia Clarke be flying in on Dragon to rescue her city? Or will Varys and Tyrion be left to cope on their own? We’re keeping an eye out for reports of Colenth Hill, Peter Dinklage and Nathalie Emmanuel sightings in the city. And if Emilia Clarke shows up…that’s just one more spoiler confirmed.

And also David Benioff and Dan Weiss were there.

UPDATE: Some of the big-name Game of Thrones cast members have been spotted in the area. For example:

And then this:

Finally, Nathalie Emmanuel (Missandei) posted a picture of the Peñíscola castle.

It looks like the Meereen crew is coming together.

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