Emilia Clarke Hanging Out Near Tower of Joy Site As Filming Starts in Peñíscola


As Peter Dinklage, Nathalie Emmanuel and Colenth Hill are spotted in Peñíscola, presumably to film scenes set in Meereen, the question on everyone’s mind is: when will Daenerys Targaryen return to her city? How will she return? And will that return be filmed this week?

Rumors have been rife that she’s in Peñíscola, but no one has managed to come up with tangible proof. That’s because, as of yesterday, she wasn’t actually there. Instead, she was spotted having dinner with Benioff, Weiss and a couple of co-stars in the city of Teruel, which had been the base of operations for filming the Tower of Joy scenes this week.

Now, we doubt Clarke is filming anything having to do with the Tower of Joy flashback, but it’s notable that filming in Navarra has been over for about a week now, and she won’t be shooting new material in Almería (probably) for another week. In most cases, the production would fly the actress home to the UK to save on hotel and food costs. Instead, she, Michiel Huisman, and Iain Glen are all still here. (Oh, hey Iain! Glad to see the greyscale hasn’t got you yet!) I assume Huisman and Glenn at least have a “leaving Meereen” scene to shoot near Peñíscola. One has to wonder if there’s also a triumphant return scene in the works for Clarke as well.

Update: As of this morning, Clarke is no longer in Spain, but has flown to Paris for Fashion Week, where she tells the New York Times that she is pleased to no longer be rolling about in the sand for a bit. Apparently she’ll only be there for the day, and is flying back in about 12 hours. (No word on how she feels about the strong women in the “Women as Backpacks” show.)

Meanwhile, in another picture from the restaurant, we finally got proof that Luke Roberts (our presumptive Arthur Dayne) is indeed involved with the production.

That’s Doctor Who’s Freema Agyeman, her boyfriend Luke Roberts, and Eddie Eyre (our presumptive young Ned Stark), along with two older BBC actor-looking types. Both look familiar to me, but not enough that my brain can identify them. Anyone?

While we wait to see if Clarke heads to Peñíscola, shooting got underway today in the city’s Artillery Park. Todo Peñíscola has pictures of the sets that went up. They turned the area into a walled garden.

There’s also a shot of the Unsullied extras waiting for things to begin.

Dragons and Direwolves was also on hand.

Others are having no luck at all.

Poor sad Dragon. Here, have a Master to snack on. Mommy will be home soon.

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