New Graffiti in Meereen Suggests A Major Spoiler


Filming in Peñíscola started up again this morning, with the filming of a major scene in the Plaza de Santa Maria. We’ve got eye witness and semi-eye witnesses on Twitter reporting what they’ve seen. The Plaza itself is closed off to anyone trying to get a glimpse, but that doesn’t mean those on the outside haven’t seen who went in…

So this is a scene prior to Varys’ leaving Meereen, and from the sounds of things, one where Tyrion is struggling to contain the mess Dany left behind.

“Immaculates” for those who don’t know, is the word used in the Spanish translations of the novels for “Unsullied.” Sounds like Tyrion may be bringing them in to restore order? Because…

Are these the riots that we saw the aftermath of yesterday? (That would make sense, since the show seems to be filming the scenes in Meereen in backwards order. Varys left the first day, then he and Tyrion inspected the aftermath of the riots, now we see them experiencing the riots themselves….)

Then there’s a major spoiler that we have coming out of the Plaza filming which puts all of these clues in perspective. Don’t read further if you don’t want to know.


Are you sure? Are you sure you’re quite sure?

Well then!

Check out that picture on the left hand side. In fact, let me help.

That “Kill The Masters” graffiti is from last season. but note what is says underneath.

“Mhysa Is A Master.”

Ouch. Just… OUCH. We knew that Dany damaged her goodwill with the former slave population at the beginning of last season with the execution of Mossador. But who knew things had gotten to the point where the former slave population (or someone) had started equating her rule with the old regime they overthrew?

If in fact we are seeing these scenes filmed in reverse order, then this is the situation that we will find Tyrion and Varys confronted with, before the Red Priestess comes to start preaching the Word of Dany to the masses. If things are really that dire, no wonder Tyrion is willing to use the Red Priestess to help bring Dany back into the good graces of the citizens of Meereen, even if it means losing Varys.

(Speaking of which, does anyone have any theories of where Varys goes when he leaves? Do we think it’s back to King’s Landing, where he has a few plot points to fulfill from the epilogue of A Dance With Dragons? Or do we think that those plot points might be assigned to someone else?)

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