Kristian Nairn basically confirms he’s playing Hodor again in Season 6


By now it is well known that Kristian Nairn is a pretty kickass DJ outside of his acting career, and this Verizon interview is largely focused on that aspect of his life. But in between talking about the many insane musical talents on the cast of Game of Thrones and the decision to name his show “Rave of Thrones,” Nairn drops a coy little hint about whether he’ll be returning to the show.

The answer is pretty much what every fan would say when they found out that Bran is also returning for Season 6: “well, duh!” Here’s what he said when Verizon asked him about Hodor’s role in Season 6:

"Nairn resists the urge to dish. Game of Thrones author George R.R. Martin would approve. “I can’t say,” he says politely. “It will probably become public knowledge soon. I know Bran [Isaac Hempstead Wright] has broken the fact that he’s back, but it’s fairly self-explanatory that if Bran is back, then… Do you think I have this beard for no reason?”"

Clearly, while we were all keeping raven eyes on Harington’s hair, we should have also been on Nairn Beard Watch. It was all a clever ruse to distract us from the truth!

It’s also worth emphasizing how musically inclined this cast is, because this absolutely blew my mind when I first realized how many of the actors were also musicians of a sort:

"There’re a few budding DJs on the show. I’m not the only Game of Thrones person who DJs. Finn Jones, who plays the Knight of Flowers, DJs. He’s quite a good DJ. Esmay Bianco, who plays Ros, has started to DJ. Alfie Allen, who plays Theon Greyjoy, also DJs. I actually haven’t heard him, but I know he has great taste. He’s into minimal [electronic music]. A lot of people on the show really like their music: Natalia [Tena, who plays Osha] is in a band; the person who plays Melisandre [Carice van Houten] is a singer; and Emilia [Clarke, who plays Daenerys Targaryen] sings as well. We’re quite a musical bunch."

Together with the number of rock and metal band members who have appeared on the show, it’s pretty clear we’re just one hot-red dancing demon away from a musical episode. (Obscure reference corner: this show could actually have a human female give birth to a pterodactyl and have some sort of weird explanation for it. Thanks, Melisandre!)

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