Game of Thrones Returns to The Wall, and filming at Riverrun continues


With filming in Spain complete, it’s time once more to turn our attention to Nothern Ireland, where the last month of filming will take place. Most of it, naturally, will be at Titanic Studios or Linden Studios, behind closed doors. But there will be some on location stuff on and off, including at Magheramorne quarry, which stands in for the Wall.

The last time there was filming at the the Wall, it looked as if it was for Jon Snow’s funeral. Since then, we’ve had no sign of the Night’s Watch at all, not anywhere, filming anything. It’s like they disappeared off the map.

Well, the production is back, per these photos from Watchers on the Wall. Some new construction appears to be going on, although it’s difficult to get details from this distance.

Perhaps filming at the quarry will explain that final crushing disappearance? Though I would think that if it was, it wouldn’t be small…Perhaps it’s just the few Night’s Watchmen left in a holding pattern, waiting for the inevitable moment when the Wall finally falls? Or perhaps someone went digging and found themselves a horn?

Meanwhile, filming forges ahead at Corbet, Northern Ireland, where the show is filming the siege at Riverrun.

That’s quite a lot of siege equipment, and it looks like it’s gotten some use per the description. Those Tullys are dug in.

“Done for today.” The siege goes on.

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