EXCLUSIVE: Spoilers from Inside The Siege of Riverrun


The siege at Riverrun is one of the last outdoor shoots the Game of Thrones production is undetaking before winter arrives. And now we’ve got some exclusive spoilers about who exactly will be running into whom, and how badly those meetings might go.


You sure you’re ready for this?

Ok then, grab a seat and let’s check out a new image from inside the camp, courtesy of our source for these spoilers.

Looks like the inside of Riverrun, complete with Tully trout emblems. Our source also gave a few details about the scenes being filmed in the area. It seems that Mark Mylod is the director on set, so these scenes are for episodes 7 or 8 (or both). This makes sense, as indications are that Jaime will be in King’s Landing until at least episode 6. Bryan Cogman was also on set, so it’s assumed that he wrote the episode as well.

As we knew already, both Gwendoline Christie (Brienne) and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Jaime) have been in the area to shoot material. Apparently, they even share a scene in Jaime’s tent. Their conversation does not go well, and Brienne storms out. If I had to speculate, this may be due to Brienne siding with the Tullys (our source also says she’ll be sharing a scene with the Blackfish) while Jaime is, well, besieging them.

Jaime and Brienne aren’t the only pair who will reunite. As you may recall, their sidekicks, Bronn and Pod, also knew each other, and from the sounds of it, Bronn is pleased to see Pod again. Reportedly, the mercenary even sneaks up behind Pod in one scene and pretends to attack him. Somehow I think Pod might not like that.

Our source also noted a detail about what we’ve been calling “The Battle of The Six Armies,” the massive battle the production filmed in Saintfield, Northern Ireland for weeks on end. Sadly, that name is too clever (or two Hobbity) for the production to use. It seems people on the show are calling it “The Battle of the Bastards,” with Ramsay on one side and Jon Snow on the other. Makes sense. Ramsay may bear the Bolton name now, but once a Bastard, always a Bastard. It would be even cooler if Jon was donning the Stark name here, too, so it’s really the battle of the ex-bastards.

But there are details that suggest Jon Snow is not using the Stark name. Because if he was, the Karstarks and the Umbers would surely join him. However, our source heard that both families side with Ramsay, while Jon is supported by the wildlings. This is the detail that shocked me the most. I could believe that the Karstarks might side with the Boltons, as they do in A Dance with Dragons, but the Umbers? Is Ramsay using Sansa’s name to bring them to his side (despite Sansa, you know, not actually being there anymore)? Are they refusing to follow Jon because he is a Snow and not a Stark? Are they going undercover? Is this just a mistake? Also, where does that leave this Northern host? So many questions.

And finally, our source said that there are “definitely more white walkers this season.” Hoo boy.

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