Show off your Game of Thrones Halloween costumes and win prizes!


We all know that winter is coming, but so is Halloween. If you’re planning on paying homage to your favorite Game of Thrones characters this Halloween, we want you to show it off and send us your pics! The Small Council will crown some of our favorites as Honorary Protectors of the Realm and feature them in a future post. If you’re looking for inspiration, check out our recent post on some of the Game of Thrones cosplays from New York Comic Con. For example:

Also, there will be prizes for the top three contenders! First prize will be a hardcover copy of Game of Thrones: The Nobel Houses of Westeros, Seasons 1-5, a book cataloguing the lineages of the great families of Westeros, complete with wonderful photography from the show, including pics of the sets, costumes, and props.

Second prize will be a 4.5 inch collectible model of Longclaw, Jon Snow’s Valyrian steel sword. It comes complete with a display stand, a sheath, and a 64-page book with full-color series photography.

Finally, third prize will 3.5 inch statue of the Three-Eyed Raven, which also comes with a 64-page book of series photography.

Only U.S. residents will be eligible to win prizes, but all are welcome to submit pics!

Email your pictures to by October 31st with the subject line GoT Halloween Costume Pics. Please include your name and where you’re from, and maybe a few words about why you chose your costume. We’re looking forward to seeing what you come up with, so grab that silver hair dye and start polishing those Valyrian swords!

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