Filming Not Done In Riverrun, Packs of Wolves Spotted

Filming at Riverrun seems to  have parked in Banbridge for the long haul. After all the setting up, tearing down and then resetting up due to the early October delay in filming, Riverrun filming in Corbet is now looking to enter its third week running. Three weeks, in regular Game of Thrones terms, is a long time for the show to film in one spot. Outliers like the many weeks in Saintfield aside, and the five week Hardhome filming, most outdoor scenes for the show take two weeks max, including set up and tear down.

And yet, here we are in Riverrun for the third week. This suggests we won’t just have one major battle for the end of Season 6, but two. (Also: check out the large red tent in the photo. Definitely Jaime’s tent.)

Speaking of major battles, there’s an army we’ve been waiting to see for several seasons now, who might have just filmed their first major entry at the end of last week..

Reportedly, this happened in the Lisburn area, which is just southwest of Belfast. Wolves and snow? Could we finally be seeing what happened to Arya’s wolf Nymeria, after all this time? If we do, will it be presented as it is in the books, as blinded Arya unconsciously wargs in her sleep? Or will Nymeria and her pack simply appear and attack?

(Source: Twitter, Photo Credit: @Irishthrones)

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