Natalie Dormer, Emilia Clarke, Dothraki Filming Game of Thrones Season 6 in Belfast

Much like the over arching plot of Game of Thrones itself, the filming of the show follows a particular pattern. We start with all the actors in one place. Then they all fling themselves far and wide for filming different scenes in dozens of different locations. But as the filming draws to a close for another year, the characters find themselves gathering back together, working again in one location with one common goal in mind.

So it will be on screen, so it is in real life. This week we have reports of two actresses who have spent the majority of their filming time across not only the Narrow Sea, but also the English Channel and the Bay of Biscay, returning back to Belfast to continue filming Season 6. (The header image, incidentally, is from what looks like a promotional pic a few of the actresses took a couple of weeks ago.)

I’m sure the cries of “Khalessi is coming to Westeros” are flying thick and fast, but on the whole that’s doubtful. Titanic Studios also houses the interior sets of several Essos locations, including several Meereenese locations. Most likely, this is merely part of Dany’s return back to the catacombs to round up all her dragons before marching on.

Next, what another’s queen is up to. WARNING: POSSIBLE SPOILERS FOLLOW

This is an interesting report, especially considering the rumors that were flying when the crew was filming her prison release scene in Girona. Unconfirmed rumors suggested that she had been broken during her time in the black cells, and had been turned into a religious fanatic who followed the High Sparrow. However, it should be noted that every last one of those reports was asterisked with the remark about how she could be faking it. So that statement that Margaery is “back to normal” raises some questions. Back to normal as in “back to dressing normal?” Back to normal as in “back to playing the Game to the hilt like Grandmother taught her?” Back to normal as in “still fighting for control of King’s Landing against Cersei?”

Either way, Natalie Dormer will not be filming in Belfast all week, since The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2‘s red carpet premiere is in Berlin on Wednesday and then London on Thursday. She’s got a busy week ahead of her.

Meanwhile, other Game of Thrones cast members have been posting pictures together. It’s not clear exactly where they are, but they’re together. Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner share a moment:


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Isaac Hempstead Wright appears to be in the mix as well:


Brooooooos @sophiet @isaachwright A photo posted by @maisie_williams on

Also in Belfast: Faceless Man Tom Wlaschiha (Jaqen H’ghar). We haven’t seen much of Wlaschiha during the off-season, but here he is.

Curiously, there seem to be a lot of Dothraki gathering in Belfast. Joe Naufahu, who it was announced would have a “multi-episode arc” about a month ago, posted a few pics from his stay in the city.

Actor/model Andrei Claude, another Dothraki warrior, also threw up a photo of Belfast on Instagram.

#GoodMorning #Belfast

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With Clarke and the Dothraki actors gathering in Belfast, there could be some khalasar scenes on the way.