Peter Capaldi Proposes Doctor Who-Game of Thrones Crossover


This past weekend was the Doctor Who Festival in the UK, where the current Doctor, Peter Calapldi, and his soon to be ex-companion, Jenna Coleman, sat on a panel and answered questions. One of the more interesting notions came from their experience working with Maisie Williams this season. Williams’ turn on the program was terrific in her two-part episode, and she’s going to be back this coming week for an encore.

I mean, it will never work, unless we have the TARDIS landing on the Game of Thrones filming set, and have the ultimate fourth wall breakage of the Doctor being confused as to whether or not he’s in Westeros or Northern Ireland, and the companion having to explain about how TV gets made.

Capaldi has made no bones about Game of Thrones being the show that all fantasy programs are fighting to live up to. In Doctor Who Magazine this month, he admitted part of the reason the finales for the series have taken on a greater significance is because they have to compete with the HBO show.

The whole episode’s quite big…It’s huge, actually – but also there’s a sadness, a romance, and a tragedy to Episode 12. It’s just so romantic. It’s very effective. And I loved all the stuff on one particular set. I was very excited. It looks so modern – a Kubrick-y kind of vibe. It was very nice. We’re in a very interesting place, because we’re competing with bigger shows, frankly. Most American shows have four times the budget per episode that we have, but that’s what we’re up against. We’re competing with Game of Thrones… This is traditional for Doctor Who, but it goes to show what this amazing production team can achieve.

The question is if Maisie will be returning for the Doctor Who finale, post whatever happens in this week’s episode, “Face the Raven.” At least, much like her turn in “The Woman Who Lived,” it looks like she’s going to be having over the top costumes. Check out the trailer for the new Doctor Who below. Williams pops up around :09.

Hey, at least she made sure to bring along the ravens from the Game of Thrones shoot, so Capaldi and Coleman could at least get a feel for what Westeros is like.

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