Game of Thrones Filming in Moneyglass (Winterfell) Continues


The production’s return to Winterfell to film material for what could be the finale for Game of Thrones Season 6 continues.

A Game of Thrones fan snapped new pictures in Moneyglass, Northern Ireland (which is where the Winterfell set has been built in the past) as filming on Season 6 continued today.


Sadly, there were no signs of Sophie Turner, Aidan Gillan, or any giants on set, all of which have been rumored to be in the area. On the other hand, Turner is spending her off-hours with Arya, errr, Maisie Williams. The question is: where are they?

Note the background of this picture. They aren’t both inside Winterfell’s walls, are they? Months ago, there were rumors that Arya may head back across the Narrow Sea to Westeros, but nothing was confirmed. Do we really think she would finally reunite with her family so fast? Or is this yet another “ships passing in the night” scenario, where Arya (who by the end of this  season I assume will no longer really be “Arya,” but very much “no one”) gets near to her remaining family without ever actually seeing them, or knowing how close she was? Nah, it’s probably just another fun Mophie picture. Anyway, back to Winterfell.

Not an actor, just a tech on break. As this tweet says, it was lunchtime. 

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