Game of Thrones Reportedly Filming at Shane’s Castle Today


December is upon us, and Winter is arriving, which means were down to the last few weeks of filming for Game of Thrones Season 6. This time last year, production had already mostly wrapped for the year, but with so many (SO many) plots to squeeze in this season, it looks like the production is going to stretch thoroughly into this month.

Today, we have word that filming is happening at Shane’s Castle.

This isn’t the first time the production has stopped there. They last filmed in that location in August of this year, and from the pictures fans snapped, it looked like the castle was filling in the underground area in the Sept of Baelor, where Cersei was arrested last season.

That same underground area has also doubled as the Winterfell crypts, which we have visited several times over the last few seasons. With rumors flying that Winterfell scenes are being currently filmed for the final episodes, and that we have a few Stark descendants on hand, it’s a good bet we might find our characters down in the crypts. Perhaps they’ll stand in front of the Stark graves and contemplate their parentage? Is that too much to hope?

UPDATE: Watchers on the Wall has it that Anton Lesser (Qyburn) and Julian Glover (Pycelle) are filming scenes at Shane’s Castle, which either means that it’s not standing in for the Sept of Baelor this time or both these characters leave the Red Keep to pay a visit to one of King’s Landing’s other prominent attractions. These two have never exactly been friendly, with a lot of discontentment on Pycelle’s part, so I’m betting the scene will be uncomfortable.

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