Game of Thrones Season 6 Filming To Wrap By Week’s End


We knew the end of filming for Game of Thrones Season 6 was nigh. But this weekend we got confirmation that indeed the end was close. Sources are confirming the production will wrap the season this week.

From the sounds of things, there’s not much left on the docket this week, and none of it will be were anyone can get spoilers. The semi-accessible set, that of Riverrun in Banbridge all but disappeared overnight.

Filming was still confirmed as happening at the Magheramorne quarry set, at least as recently as Thursday, as tourists on the Game of Thrones tour were told they wouldn’t be allowed any closer, lest they see something.

So what’s left? The major scene we know about this week is our suspected Wyman Manderly single day special, which we speculate could be the revenge on the Freys we’ve been waiting for. And Sophie Turner, Maisie Williams and Emilia Clarke are still hanging out together as of this morning, with the captions all but confirming the three of them are all still in Northern Ireland to film interior scenes at Belfast’s Titanic Studios. (Though most likely not together. Sorry guys.)

Note that Clarke hashtagged this “#wrappingitupwithaview,” suggesting that she (or perhaps all three of them) will be finished in the next day or so.

For the record, with filming set to wrap somewhere north of Thursday, December 17th, filming this season will technically have run the longest of any previous season. Looking back over our coverage, only Seasons 2 and 5 have run close to this long, wrapping December 12th and December 14th respectively. Seasons 3 and 4 we completed weeks earlier, November 24th and 21st, before the American Thanksgiving holiday. Is the fact that Season 6 will run close to a week longer than last season’s “longer filming ever (by two days)” be because that the season was that complicated? Or could merely be attributed to the week or so lost in October with the Riverrun set set them back a few days at the end?

Can we start a countdown to the traditional February preview special with hopes we might find out?

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