And the most popular piece of Game of Thrones merchandise is…


…the Funko Pop! figures. You gotta respect for a company that manages to make even White Walkers look adorable.

I also love how certain characters like Joffrey and Drogo, and (weirdly) Grey Worm get little angry eyebrows. Most of the figures don’t have eyebrows at all.

This is pretty winning combination. Take a series known for its brutality make it as cute as possible—people are bound to fall for the contrast, although as Katie said in her writeup, “the attention to detail is no joke.” Check out Joffrey’s crown, for instance—it’s the same one he wears on the show, so cuteness isn’t the only thing these figures have to recommend them.

And you can take them anywhere! The Funko Pop! figures would look equally good on the shelves in your home or, as commenter Snow Joke proves, on the dashboard of your car. Adorable and versatile—no wonder they took top honors.

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It should be noted that there is a LOT of Game of Thrones merchandise out there, and commenters pointed out things that we missed. For example, a57se wondered what where the “Targaryen Dragon Shot Glass” was. Indeed there are a variety of Game of Thrones-themed shot glasses available at the HBO Shop, and they run the gamut from Targaryen to Stark to Baratheon (both Renly and Stannis versions) and even to Frey.

Get drunk…on power.

Meanwhile, makes “officially licensed replica weapons and armor from HBO® ‘s hit TV series Game of Thrones® , and George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire book series.” These aren’t going to go on your dashboard, but could look pretty cool mounted on your wall. There’s some beautiful stuff on the site.

To give you an idea of the prices involved, the replica of Jon Snow’s Longclaw will run you $250.00, which was actually less than I was expecting, assuming these blades really are as cool as they look. If you do buy from this site, keep the weapons out of the reach of children, obviously. This Longclaw may be made of stainless, rather than Valyrian, steel, but it can still be dangerous in the wrong hands.

There are approximately a zillion Game of Thrones tee-shirts out there, made by many different organizations for many different occasions. Davos 4 King described some from his personal stash: “I have a t-shirt with Roose stabbing Robb saying the Lannisters send their regards. Pretry cool if I say so myself. And of course my imping ain’t easy shirt. Also love my Stannis tee with the flaming heart.”

And finally, courtesy of Gaia, there’s this:

In the words of the Amazon description, this book “this book contains more than one hundred dilatory games, tricks, puzzles, projects and pranks.” We assume that “getting killed by your dwarf son” isn’t one of them, but to be fair, we haven’t read it.