Monday Morning Humor: Hitler Freaks Out Over Winds of Winter Delay


With the delay of The Winds of Winter fresh in our minds, it was inevitable that the memes would begin. And when something terrible happens, there is no more popular meme than adding new subtitles to that famous clip from 2004’s Downfall, and make Hitler melt down over whatever you need him to.

To be fair, this is one of the better versions I’ve seen. And I’ve seen Hitler freak out over a whole lot of things since the Downfall parody trend started in 2008. It helps that whoever made this has been paying attention in the Game of Thrones off-season to the Season 6 filming news and rumors.

Meanwhile, FOX NFL Sports Sunday should either hire someone who actually watches Game of Thrones, or not bother making graphics about it. Really.

Over on the BBC, they’re currently running a six-part series on the famous novel War and Peace. Despite the huge cast, it still managed not to cast anyone who was involved with Game of Thrones, and yet won in the ratings anyway. But fans noted that the promotions, which focused on what a huge novel the 1869 book was, should maybe consider that what was considered long in 1869 would be considered a drop in the bucket by today.

Note this picture does not even include the first novel of the A Song of Ice and Fire series. Your move, Tolstoy.

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