Natalie Dormer keeps teasing Game of Thrones Season 6, submits to a Reddit AMA


Like so many before her, Natalie Dormer has participated in a Reddit AMA. Collected for your perusing pleasure are all the Game of Thrones-related questions and answers.

  • Q: “If you had to pick one Game of Thrones character you would want to see survive all the way to the end (besides Margaery), who would you choose?”
    • A: “Arya Stark.”
  • Q: “If you could bring back one dead character from GOT who would it be?”
    • Q: “The Hound. I love Rory McCann so much!”
  • Q: “What is it like working with Diana Rigg on Game of Thrones? Is she very like her character?”
    • A: “She’s like Olenna in the sense that she’s wise, seen it all, done it all and tells really great stories.”
  • Q: “What is your favourite outfit that you have worn on Game of Thrones or the Tudors?”
    • A: “I love Margaery’s prison sack cause it means I can eat as much as want at lunch! Just kidding… I loved the dress I wore in the Joffrey Bow & Arrow scene. And I loved all the Anne Boleyn dresses. They were just amazing!”
  • Q: “Would you rather fight 100 Tyrion-sized mountains, or one mountain-sized Tyrion?”
    • A: “That’s a pretty good question! One mountain-sized Tyrion because I’d probably convinced him to have a drink with me. We can just have red wine together.”

She also revealed that she’s reading War and Peace, binge-watching Mr. Robot, and really wanted to be on Frasier when she was younger. Also, this:

  • Q: “Do you like turtles?”
    • A: “I adore turtles!”

To put that in context, she mentioned that she enjoys looking at them while diving, but I prefer to think she just has an explosive love for turtles.

Dormer has been hitting the press trail lately to promote her new horror movie, The Forest, which opens today. So far, reviews are terrible and the movie is being boycotted for casting two white people as the leads even though it’s set in Japan, but even critics who don’t like the movie praise Dormer’s performance, so that’s good…

An upside to all these Forest interviews is that Dormer has been steadily teasing Game of Thrones Season 6 for weeks, since interviewers inevitably ask about it. When talking to The Daily Beast recently, Dormer reiterated something she’d said before about a new scene partner. “The thing I’m excited about in Season 6 is that I have a whole new scene co-star that I spend most of my scenes with, who I really, really enjoyed working with,” she said. “That’s what I’m excited for audiences to see.”


If I had to place bets, I’d say her new scene partner is Jonathan Pryce, who plays the High Sparrow. That’s partly based on logic, since we know Margaery will remain in holy jail until Episode 6. Who else is she going to talk to in there? It’s also based on another Reddit AMA question-and-answer.

  • Q: “Who has been your favourite actor to work with so far in your career?”
    • A: “I really love it when you can work with the older greats. Christopher Lee, Donald Sutherland, Diana Rigg, Jonathan Pryce. You learn so much from them and you get to hear all the great stories.”

So she’s worked with Jonathan Pryce, who happens to play one of the few characters who will have access to Margaery during her imprisonment. Process of elimination, people.