Liam Cunningham says Game of Thrones Season 6 is “Bolder and Naughtier”

When we last left Liam Cunningham’s Davos Seaworth, he was a man without a purpose. Having followed Stannis Baratheon to the end, only to be sent away at the last minute, he’s not only lost his leader, but the little girl who he had been a surrogate father to, Shireen. (As of the end of Season 5, he doesn’t know that Shireen was burned alive by Melisandre in her final wrongheaded decision in regards to Stannis. We assume that, if he finds out, Melisandre will not survive.)

Cunningham says that these changes leave Davos in a different place and headed on a completely new path. According to the Irish edition of The Independent, as he put it, Season 6 found him shooting “some very different scenes” for his character.

Unfortunately, what that difference entails I can’t say.

Somehow I fail to be surprised by that. But Cunningham does say that he’s now gotten to see a bit of the upcoming season and we won’t be disappointed.

We just finished filming at the end of December. I’ve seen a bit of it and it’s looking really good. It’s bigger, badder, bolder and naughtier. It’s probably more violent, so there will be magnificent drama.

Currently. Cunningham is out and about promoting his off-season role in the World War I/Interwar period piece, The Childhood of a Leader. In the movie he plays the nameless father of a boy named Prescott, played by former Harry Potter and Twilight star Robert Pattinson, who would one day grow up to be a fascist zealot and leader in World War II. (Not actually Hitler, but more of an amalgamation of all the fascist leaders who featured in World War II.) Cunningham seems very proud of it, as it’s a piece that focuses on the experience of a family who realize somewhere along the way their child had grown up to be a monster. “We won a couple of awards in Venice for the movie last year. It’s a beautiful little piece.”

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