Game of Thrones writer Bryan Cogman live-tweets his favorite episodes

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Okay, now on to Cogman’s #7 pick: Season 2’s “What Is Dead May Never Die.”

That jerk would be Bryan Cogman. He’s a self-deprecator, this one.

Cogman is one of the series’ most consistent writers, so I’d say the promotion paid off.

Remember, this episode happened right after Jon caught on to Craster’s child sacrifice shenanigans, so Craster would have been ticked.

This was right at the beginning of Sam and Gilly’s romance, and I’d nearly forgotten about this incredibly sweet scene where Sam gives Gilly his mother’s thimble to keep safe until he comes back. Nice work, Cogman!

Cogman, you sly dog, you.

Next, Cogman talks about the scene where Brienne and Loras fight while Renly and Margaery watch (this was the introduction for three out of those four characters—how far they’ve all come!).

Gerin Anthony (Renly Baratheon) apparently had some good instincts:

And now we head into Theon territory:

Looking back on Season 2, it becomes clear to me that two storylines rose above the rest: Tyrion’s machinations as Hand in King’s Landing, and everything involving Theon. He had an excellent year.

Interesting. Although whenever I think of the Pyke great hall, the only thing I remember is Balon’s awesome squid-themed fireplace:

C’mon, that’s a great piece of set design.

More praise for Theon.

In A Clash of Kings, Tyrion hides Shae in a mansion on the outskirts of King’s Landing, and has to jump through a lot of hoops whenever he wants to visit her. I think it was smart to keep the characters in closer proximity for the show, though.

That would be director Alik Sakharov, who also helmed an episode in Season 3 and another couple in Season 4. He hasn’t been back since.

Yeah, let’s hope that good nature doesn’t spell trouble for him in Season 6.

You can see the deleted scene he’s talking about here. It’s a really good one, and adds context to the scene in “Blackwater,” where the Hound confronts Sansa in her room.

Tyrion’s ruse is a great scene, and a fine example of how condensing something for TV can actually make it better. Tyrion plays out his ruse over the course of a few chapters in A Clash of Kings, but the show does it with a fun montage.

Yeah, good call, there.

Yeah, after Season 2, the characters spread out too much for any one of them to anchor the story. Hopefully, we’ll see some of Tyrion’s old ability with management crop up in Season 6, now that he’s running Meereen.

Margaery is probably the show’s more successful attempt at expanding a character’s role from the books.

And we can probably trace Theon’s downfall back to that moment.

That’s what Tyrion such a good potential ruler. He’s wily, but he has empathy, too.

The scene with Varys’ riddle might be the defining scene of Season 2, so thank god Cogman had the book on hand.

And that’s just funny.

Finally, Cogman discussed the episode’s final scene, where Arya and company are beset by Lannister soliders.

And now, an ode to Maisie Williams:

Remember: Yoren the Night’s Watchman gives Arya the idea to list off the names of everyone she wants to kill every night.

The show keeps topping itself when it comes to battles. Just wait for Season 6…

Anybody know?