Maisie Williams is sure some fans will be “unhappy” with Season 6 events


Game of Thrones cast members continue to tease the upcoming season at full speed, and Maisie Williams dropped a couple of interesting sound bites when talking to Event Magazine.

First up, she joined onscreen sister Sophie Turner (Sansa Stark) in admitting that she’s sorta-kinda hoping her character will die on the show in the name of good drama, although she was less eager about it than Turner. “At the end of the day, these horrible deaths make great storylines,” she said, referring to Ned Stark’s death at the end of Season 1. “It makes the show what it is.”

"So it would be really selfish if I were to say, “Oh, I never want Arya to die.” I don’t know what’s going to happen, but I know that it will make a great storyline."

I wouldn’t worry about Arya dying anytime soon, though.

Williams also warned that there could be some controversy on the way.

"I’m sure some people are going to be unhappy with some things that are coming up, but you can’t deny that it’s a breath of fresh air."

On the one hand, it’s no surprise that the upcoming season might make some people unhappy. Game of Thrones has been making fans tear their hair out in despair for years. From the Red Wedding to Oberyn’s death to Jon Snow’s assassination, the show has made a habit of shocking the system. It’s part of the reason fans keep coming back.

I just hope that Season 6 will make us the right kind of “unhappy”—the kind where we’re weeping into our couch cushions because we’re so devastated, rather than sitting there with our arms crossed wondering how the show thought it could get away with that. We’ll see for sure on April 24.

h/t Metro