Epic infographic tracks every single death on Game of Thrones


Last year, The Washington Post debuted a wonderful illustrated infographic that detailed every single death on Game of Thrones. This was before Season 5, so the infographic only covered Seasons 1-4. The infographic has remained online, but we weren’t sure if it would ever be updated again. Well, The Washington Post got on it, and now we have the stats for the complete series.

Yes, it appears that Season 5 easily blew past Season 4 to claim the title of deadliest season. The Massacre at Hardhome and the two skirmishes with the Sons of the Harpy helped this season climb death mountain, although the Post wonders whether the deaths at Hardhome count, since everyone who died was resurrected shortly thereafter as wights.

Wun Wun, Drogon, and Daario Naharis are all new additions to the Deadliest Killers club, pushing out the Hound, Ygritte, and Jon Snow, who were in their places last year. Drogon racked up most of his kills in Season 5 when he slaughtered members of the Sons of the Harpy (and a couple unlucky Unsullied) in Daznak’s Pit. And it appears that the Post is counting wights as being who, though dead, can be killed—otherwise Wun Wun’s rampage during the Massacre at Hardhome wouldn’t have counted for much.

This time last year, King’s Landing was the deadliest place in the Seven Kingdoms. And actually, I guess it still is, since the area north of the Wall isn’t technically part of the Seven Kingdoms. A lot of people die there, though. Also, Meereen enters the rankings this year, pushing out the Riverlands (we’ll see if that changes once Season 6 is over).

We should probably add that part of the reason the death count is going up so much is because HBO now has the budget to actually show more deaths onscreen. For the full infographic, head to The Washington Post.

As long as we’re talking about infographics, check out this nifty number from Reddit user MarkoWolf, who put together a chart on the kings of Westeros since Aegon Targaryen invaded some 300 years before the events of the show.

It’s good to your about your roots.

This isn’t an infographic, but Business Insider put together a neat little video about the cost of Game of Thrones.

And finally, MTV has a quiz that tests your knowledge of Daenerys Targaryen’s fashion sense: match the outfit to the season she wore it.

This post kind of became a roundup of things that were interesting but not really worth a full post on their own. Hooray for ephemera!