Carice van Houten talks spoilers, Michiel Huisman “can’t wait” for fans to see Season 6


The closer we get to the Season 6 premiere (just 17 days!), the more opportunities there are for cast members to slip up in interviews and reveal something about the new year. Carice van Houten, perhaps wanting to get ahead of any mistakes, volunteered a small spoiler about Game of Thrones Season 6 in an interview with The Telegraph: at the beginning of the season, Melisandre will be cold.

I know that doesn’t sound like much, but book-readers know that Melisandre, as a conduit for the Lord of Light’s power, is never cold. In fact, she radiates heat to the point that snow melts where she walks. “But at the beginning of season six, she has this bear skin around her to keep her warm,” van Houten said. “She is completely confused. She’s messy, she does not look as contained as she always does.” If this fire-obsessed priestess is feeling the chill, she’s been brought low indeed.

This fits with what we’ve heard about Melisandre going into Season 6—since her plans fell apart at the end of Season 5, she’s at a loose end. She burned Shireen to death, certain that it would secure a victory for Stannis over the Boltons. That didn’t happen, and now she’s questioning everything about who she is. “For me as an actor, that was a really nice moment because so far I haven’t been able to show any emotions,” van Houten said. “So I really liked seeing the cracks starting to appear in the character.”

Van Houten also weighed in on the nature of Melisandre’s powers, and how she augments them with her sexuality.

"I don’t know if she is magic – I don’t think she definitely believes that she has the powers herself. She is such a believer that she feels that everything is coming through this Lord of Light. I don’t think that she is in it for herself. The sexuality is definitely a weapon, it’s not like she’s easy! Although I think she had a tiny bit of pleasure in that little moment that she had with Jon Snow – and she failed to seduce him. It was a funny scene to shoot, I remember telling Kit (Harington) that my mother would have been really jealous. My mother and my sister are big Jon Snow fans."

Meanwhile, Michiel Huisman gave a quick interview to PopSugar about what’s in store for Daario in Season 6. Huisman hasn’t shown up on the interview circuit much, so it was nice to get his perspective. “This is a very exciting time,” he said.

"Daario, in the beginning of this new season, is on the hunt together with Jorah to try to find and track down [Daenerys], and it’s funny because it can easily be a bumpy road between Jorah and Daario, and now we’re on the road for God knows how long. It’s going to be interesting."

I definitely expect some wacky buddy cop-type bonding between Daario and Jorah. Or one of them kills the other. It could go either way on this show.

Huisman is also looking forward to a couple of choice Daario scenes throughout the season. The cast of the show may be huge, he said, but “somehow the writers manage for every character to have one or two of those moments a season. I definitely have a couple of those. I can’t wait for you guys to see them.”

Seventeen days.